Centerpoint, Siam Square

The Food Corridor

Promoting space for the food corridor at Centerpoint, Siam Square, Soi- 3 was one of the key challenges that InterEcom has taken over the years. Before we started promoting space for Centerpoint Food Corridor,Soi-3, several attempts by different organizers failed to attract audience and food vendors. Our successful focus strategies & market experience made sure that word of mouth spread for Centerpoint,S0i-3. Field campaigns and digital reach out added to our success story campaign for The Food Corridor, Centerpoint, Soi-3. Also making sure that food space is hygienic and clean was one of key guideline campaigns of InterEcom to  care for health and safety of  customers while working  with Vendors and educating them. Resulting higher sales volume for vendors, and becoming one of the best food hang out for all age groups at Siam Square.

Silom Complex

Unicorn Health & Beauty

Silom Complex is modern office building and the only shopping center on Silom road. Leading firms domestic and international interested in the prime location of the shopping mall. It is center for business, shopping, fashion, food, jewel and decoration. InterEcom is one of the prime partners of Silom Complex pop-up stores(G-floor).  There are weak days where most of customers visiting pop-up stores interested  only in window shopping. InterEcom introduced fun program at shopping mall giving free cash coupons, encouraging customers to buy from its pop-up store, while interacting with audience with fun games. InterEcom was one of the success stories at Silom Complex helping  window shoppers behavior into buying pattern, also a huge set of promotion buzz was created with-in audience at Silom Complex. It is one of the success programs of InteEcom as one of leading organizer of Bangkok benefiting both buyers and vendors at the pop-up stores.