Philosophy & Event Practices – InterEcom

Philosophy & Event Practices – InterEcom

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We believe in creating world class market places for business and we are driven by our promise of delivering value to our vendors. We strive to provide vendors with exhibition services of the highest standard, comparable with the best international practices. InterEcom brand is synonymous with excellence, quality and innovation. We endeavour to keep raising our standards so that exhibitors, vendors and enterprise are given the best possible environment to develop their industry sectors for the benefit of all concerned.

Our values

  • Our overriding aim is to satisfy the needs of our clients: exhibitors, vendors and enterprise.
  • The main principle for company is “The customer first!” Our client’s expectations, wishes and demands are the impetus for further development of our         business.
  • The key to better services and customer relations is a professional, responsible approach, and a can-do attitude.
  • We highly appreciate the performance of InterEcom, based on teamwork and mutual trust and respect.

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