InterEcom vendor community in Bangkok

InterEcom vendor community in Bangkok

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We at InterEcom are privilege to serve more than 5000 + vendors in Bangkok, Thailand. Our venue partners are some of the top platforms dedicated for vendors to showcase their talent. Our trust and confidence from our vendor community has made us one of the best event organisers in Bangkok, Thailand. We are consistently trying to provided valuable industry advice, and expertise to our vendor community, we have understood over years of experience how crucial it is to add valuable business inputs to sustain and survive in today’s competitive market in Bangkok, Thailand. Our creative team is  working  on new methods of engagement within event itself that can help business  to result in increase growth in their sales cycle.

We have been running series of campaign in Thailand to more 10,000 + vendors, through  various online and offline mediums. Our mission is to encourage vendors to out reach to its target audience with right industry advice and choosing  right venues to show case.

Step Guide To Be Part of InterEcom Vendor Community :

  1. On the first step we collect all information of vendors that want to be part of InterEcom vendor community.
  2. Our InterEcom officers try to understand your business, and provide valuable industry advice related to venues & price. They also help with critical analysis, and how participation of events organised by InterEcom can provide return on investment for your business.
  3. At InterEcom we assign officers for your convince once you are part of InterEcom vendor community. You can get in touch with officer at any time.
  4. Once you confirm events  with InterEcom, payment methods/details will be provided for final confirmation. Receipt of payment would be acknowledged on your LINE ID & Email Address.
  5. Our data base management system makes sure that you have appropriate event pop-ups for your business needs keeping your target audience in mind.

We try to make sure process of joining InterEcom vendor community and events are easy and smooth. You can message or call us any time for any questions. Hope information is helpfull.

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