Centerpoint, Siam Square is the beauty, fashion & lifestyle shopping center. Located at heart of downtown Bangkok, Thailand.This is affordable alternative for clothes, drinks or foods. Also know heaven for designer products, this is the place to spend your hard earned bucks. Vendors mostly selling young and trendy brands.This is a Brand new mall which is directly connected to the BTS Siam station. It is targeted at the young and the urban crowd so it looks cool. It has many cafes and restaurants along with shops selling t shirts, jeans, sports stores, fashion accessories, hand bags and make up items. There are also some face care clinics, pedicure and manicure for all ages.

The area connects to other shopping centres and links to the other shopping districts by sky bridge.Within Siam Square itself, there is a range of shops and services, including tutor schools, restaurants, cafe, designer clothing boutiques, record stores, bookshops, Hard Rock Cafe and banks. The customers vary from young-aged school and college students to office workers and foreign tourists. It is sometimes referred to as the "SoHo" or "Shinjuku of Thailand.